MS 150 “Team Utah Whiplash Group” 2013

The Invite to Team “Utah Whiplash”

You are cordially invited to join or support our team!  We hope to be in the top 10 producing teams for MS this year.

As this year’s team captain and my sixth year riding I can tell you, The MS-150 in Logan is a BLAST!    I enjoy participating in other rides, triathlons, etc.  Honestly, this is the most fun and best supported event I have ever seen!

1. We camp together as a team in tents, trailers, RV’s…whatever you want to bring.  The campground is the Logan fair grounds (beautiful!)

2. Several meals are included.

3. The actual ride through the Cache Valley countryside is incredibly scenic with no vehicle traffic.

4. There are rest stops with drinks and snacks about every 10 miles.

Raising Funds on Team “Utah Whiplash” is EASY!

The MS society requires $35 advanced registration per person ($60 day at the door) and a minimum of $250 donations per rider the day of the ride. Hands down, this is the most fun, best organized/supported event of its kind I have ever seen.
Joining our team AND raising the money is easy!   join or support our team!

Lots of participants just ask friends, neighbors and co-workers to help “sponsor” them to ride for MS. Many people are willing to help with just a request.
But we have an even better way…all-been-doctored

1. Our March 26th Movie party at the LHM theater in Sandy.  Tickets are just $10 each and $5 each goes to our team.

2. We have Special “HEALTH PASSES” for Doctor visit exam and x-rays or a one hour massage, available for all the doctors, their patients and patient guests to sell in exchange for your sponsorship. This gives supporters something rewarding for their willingness to sponsor you. They are also typically willing to sponsor more because they feel they are getting something valuable in exchange for helping you.

Team riders can buy Health Passes for friends or better yet, sell them to friends and loved ones. Patients and other individuals can join our team and sell health passes (this is really easy, even door to door) the funds raised go toward their minimum donation fee. PATIENTS ON OUR TEAM WHO REFER AN *AUTO ACCIDENT PATIENT* TO ONE OF THE UTAH WHIPLASH GROUP OFFICES GET THEIR ENTIRE $250 REQUIRED DONATION PAID FOR. (This will need to come from the doctor’s office who is treating the referred patient).

So, as you can see, there are plenty of opportunities to easily get your donation quota.

1. Asking friends, family, co-workers and neighbors for support.

2. Buying/selling “Heath Passes” to the above mentioned.

3. Referring individuals who have been involved in auto accidents (must be a viable case) to the Utah Whiplash Group (977) 7-whiplash and your entire ride is covered!

Oh, did we mention that our team members get a $70 Bike Jersey for just $20?  How cool is that!?!  (Shirts will be ordered Tuesday May 1st)

 join or support our team!

*Auto Accident Patient* – Must be a “viable case” meaning an individual who has been involved in a motor vehicle collision in the last 6 months who has need or could benefit from chiropractic, massage, physical therapy, or an attorney.

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