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Why would I need an attorney?

Individuals need an attorney after an auto accident because regardless of how smart you are, if you are not a Personal Injury attorney or an insurance adjuster, you have no idea how the insurance world works!  And yes, that leaves you in a position to become an easy victim of the system. 

Why should I hire an attorney after an auto accident in Utah


Thank goodness for auto insurance in Utah

Thankfully, Utah residents live in a state where auto insurance is required and PIP insurance is standard.  However, just because we have auto insurance in Utah does not mean we fully understand how it works, what it covers or the ‘rules of engagement’ when we need to actually use it…after an accident.  That is why it is so important that if we are involved in an accident and we are NOT AT-FAULT, we should employ an attorney that specializes in personal injury cases.

 Lots of individuals either do not seek the proper medical attention they deserve which leads to further health problems and suffering at some future point OR they just try to settle their case with the insurance carrier themselves.  Bad Idea, says Attorney Russell Gray.  It is worth having an attorney who specializes in personal injury on your side.  There are no out-of-pocket fees and the attorney knows much better than the general consumer, how the insurance system works and how to get clients reimbursed for their car, medical bills as well as their pain and suffering.

Attorney Russell Gray is available for questions or please call the Utah Whiplash Group at (877) 7-whiplash


What is Utah PIP insurance and how does it affect me?

Utah PIP Insurance ExplainedUtah is one of eleven “No-Fault” states, meaning PIP insurance is part of every auto insurance plan.  Attorney Russ Gray explains PIP insurance, what it covers and how it works in Utah.

Every legally insured driver in the state of Utah has a MINIMUM of $3000 in Personal Injury Protection insurance (that is per occupant in the vehicle) to cover initial medical bills.  

EXAMPLE #1:  [Driver with two passengers]  If you are the driver of your  insured vehicle and are in a ‘single car accident’, meaning it was your own fault because you hit something…then there is $3000 in medical coverage for you and your two passengers.  If the passengers are injured beyond the $3000 in medical expenses then they have rights to further compensation from you ‘bodily injury’ portion of your insurance.  However, you the owner of the vehicle have ONLY the $3000 in PIP coverage.

EXAMPLE #2:  [Driver with two passengers, not at-fault]  If you are the driver of your insured vehicle and another vehicle rear-ends your car causing injury to you and your passengers.  Initially, your medical bills are paid by your OWN PIP insurance (this will later be reimbursed to your insurance by the at-fault driver’s insurance).  Once your own PIP insurance is use up…then, with the help of an attorney, the at-fault person’s insurance will pay the remainder of your medical bills and fix your car.

WARNING:  If you are at fault or the other person either a) has no insurance, b) hits and runs, c) leaves without you exchanging information, and/or d) you do not have under-insured motorist coverage…all of which happen far more often than they should…then your PIP insurance is all you have before you have to pay your own bills out of pocket.  That is why it is very wise to call your agent and increase your PIP coverage to $10,000; $25,000 or even $100,000.  Honestly it is the most affordable medical insurance on the planet!  Raising your PIP coverage may only cost 50 cents to $4 more per month depending on how high you raise it.



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