Auto Accident App

On March 7, 2014

Card for app frontUWGThe app that could save your life!  Any auto accident is serious.  Auto Accidents in Utah now can be much safer with the help of the Auto Accident App sponsored by the Utah Whiplash Group.  This simple app turns any smart phone into both an “On-star” like service and a “black box” like in air planes.  What that means is

1) It detects and measures the forces of an accident when they occur.  These measurements are very helpful for police and for treating physicians.

2) When an accident is detected, a live person calls and makes sure everyone is okay.  Then they walk the person through the steps of what to do after an accident.  For example: take a picture of the other person’s insurance card.  Take pictures of the scene.  The live operator will dispatch emergency services if needed.  And the operator will help you find the right physicians following the accident: ER, chiropractic, massage, physical therapy, etc.

3)  If no one answers the phone within 60 seconds after an accident is detected the live operator will automatically dispatch emergency services (assuming crash victims are pinned or unconscious) allowing help to arrive much quicker!

This FREE app is a must to have on your phone and your teenager’s phones!

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