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All Auto Accident Specialists and Chiropractic Physicians are NOT Created Equal!

Welcome to The Utah Whiplash Group. Our mission is to help individuals find quality doctors and attorneys who are experts in the field of ‘Personal Injury.”  Doctors who are skilled, licensed and Certified (with advanced training and testing) in restoring individuals back to maximum health who have been Injured in an Automobile Accident. Our goal is to educate and put an end to needless suffering at little or No personal cost to the individual.

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Continue reading to see how you can Save Yourself THOUSANDS of Dollars in Unnecessary Expenses, Medical bills, Attorney Fees, Stress, Pain and Suffering!

Our Doctors are Auto Accident Specialists and Qualified Physicians:

With our  reputation on the line, The Utah Whiplash Group represents only the best physicians in their field. Doctors who strive to stand out among their peers. Our doctors must commit to additional training and show both ‘Hands-On’ and documentation skill FAR ABOVE the most common and minimum specifications required by Utah Law.

ANY medical physician or chiropractic physician is Licensed to treat patients after an Auto Accident. Some even claim to be “Specialists” just because they want to work with Auto Accident patients. ( beware, they may not properly document your case and in-spite of your physical progress, they will drop your care when your insurance stops paying.) If the Doctor is NOT a CERTIFIED Auto Accident Occupant Injury Specialist, the patient is left in a compromised position. This could continue to COST the patient over a lifetime in their health, recovery, and their pocketbook.

Auto Accident Attorneys:

Utah Whiplash Group inducts some of Utah’s Most Outstanding Personal Injury Attorneys who represent individuals who have been Injured in Auto Accidents settle their case, alot of which could never have been settled. Together, Utah Whiplash Attorneys, MD’s, DO’s, and DC’s work
together for the Greater Well-Being of the Individual Injured in an Auto Accident.

If You or Someone You Know has been Involved in an Auto Accident, Sustained Whiplash, or any Other Injuries from a Motor Vehicle Collision you will be glad you found this web site!

Our Doctors and Attorneys are Committed to Helping Individuals Injured in Auto Accidents and
Following a Motor Vehicle Collision, it is Foolish NOT to Have a Consultation, Examination and Treatment by a physician CERTIFIED in Auto Accident Collision Physics and Dynamics… Doctors who Understand how Physical Forces experienced in an Auto Accident apply to and Affect the Human Frame and Soft Tissue. And a team Attorneys, who Know How to Explain it to a Judge and Jury. Guarantee that Whiplash Victims receive the very Best Care Possible, Affordably. Often times with minimal or No Out-of-Pocket Expense! Car Accidents are Far Different from a Slip, Fall, or most Sport Injuries. The Magnitude and Mass of a Vehicle In Motion, Striking Another Large Object while the HUMAN BODY is Helplessly Whipped Around within the Vehicle Creates SHEAR Forces that the HUMAN SOFT TISSUES Simply Are NOT Built to Withstand.


Soft Tissue Injuries such as ‘Whiplash’ , May NOT Hurt or Cause Noticeable Symptoms for Months or even Years. In cases with late-onset symptoms, by the time the Symptoms of Whiplash show up, Scar Tissue can be set-in, leading to Chronic or Long Term Problems.


Any Medical Doctor, Chiropractor, Physical Therapist or Massage Therapist can treat an individual after an Auto Accident. But if you do not seek out a CERTIFIED Auto Accident Specialist or CERTIFIED Whiplash Doctor YOU could be doing Yourself a HUGE Dis-service! Chiropractic Physicians Trained,Licensed and Certified Specifically in Auto Accident Injuries KNOW HOW TO PROPERLY DOCUMENT an Individual’s Case with DETAILED, OBJECTIVE FINDINGS. This helps Attorneys who deal in Personal Injury cases. Should Your Case ever Have to go to Litigation. Doctors CERTIFIED Auto Accident Injury … A.K.A. Personal Injury Doctors, Know How to Work with Other Medical Professionals and Specialists. The Chiropractors listed on this website, work well with a wide variety of Medical Doctors and Specialists, Massage Therapists, and Physical Therapists. Equally Important the before stated Professionals working with Whiplash Utah and an Individual will Document the Individuals Case Appropriately and Work well with Attorneys.

Whiplash neck pain improves with chiropractic care, massage, and physical therapy

Health & Wealth Solutions Doctors Have Treated Literally Thousands of Personal Injury Cases or Auto Accident Injury Cases. Together their Research Shows that Chiropractic alone does not help the patient Fully Recover. Massage or Physical Therapy alone does not help the patient Fully Recover. Medical prescriptions such as muscle relaxers and anti-inflammatory Prescriptions certainly do not help the patient toward a full recovery, but are a good aid in relieving some of the first symptoms of the actual Injury . After an Auto Accident it usually takes a well orchestrated combination of Chiropractic, Massage, and Physical Therapy to Maximize Healing and Minimize permanent Scar Tissue! Together, our Professionals with their many Skills and Techniques, Minimize Long Term Pain and Complications. Many Individuals Require Medical Assistance such as Prescription Drugs or Trigger Point Injections to Assist in the Acceleration of the Individuals Recovery.

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Doctors Certified in the Treatment of Auto Accident Injuries:

  • Logan, UT
  • Brigham City, UT
  • Ogden, UT
  • Kaysville, UT
  • Bountiful, UT
  • SLC, UT-Downtown
  • West Valley City, UT
  • Murray, UT
  • Sandy, UT
  • South Jordan, UT
  • Orem, UT
  • St. George, UT

*These Doctors are Certified with the Personal Injury Training Institute.

Certification Consists of Five Separate modules of Intensive Class Work, Followed by Personal Study and a Certification Exam. In addition to all other Training, Schooling , Education and Hands On Experience and Time in field.


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Our Doctors are Auto Accident Specialists.

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