Personal Injury Lawyers

Personal Injury Lawyers

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Every driver and occupant of a vehicle insured in the State of Utah has a MINIMUM of $3000 Personal Injury Protection coverage to be used for hospital visits, chiropractic, physical therapy, massage or any other medically necessary exam / treatment following a Motor Vehicle Collision. This minimum is per occupant in the vehicle per incident.

Using your Personal Injury Protection (PIP) coverage should not increase your insurance costs!

It is foolish NOT to be seen by a CERTIFIED team in auto accident collision physics and dynamics… A doctor who understands how those physical forces apply and affect the human frame and soft tissue and an attorney who knows how to explain those findings to a judge and jury.

The wrong attorney can cost you THOU$AND$.

When an auto accident occurs resulting in injury and it is not your fault…you want a Personal Injury Lawyer on your side. DO NOT SETTLE FOR JUST ANYONE! Just because you see an attorney on TV or a friend tells you, “I knows an estate lawyer who also does PI work”…STOP right there. Make sure you have a personal injury lawyer with experience! Find one that works well with your doctors. You want a TEAM on your side, not a group of individual who each think they are the star players.

You want the following:

  • Personal injury lawyers who specializes in Personal Injury cases
  • Personal injury lawyers who communicates with you PERSONALLY not just pawn you off on their legal aid
  • Personal injury lawyers who communicates and returns calls promptly with your treating physicians
  • Personal injury lawyers who treats you like a person not a case number

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The clock is ticking. Your insurance is legally obligated to pay 100% of your medical bills before a certain date. Once that date has expired, they are off the hook. Don’t wait. Call now to speak to one of the legal professionals we represent…Mention this website, ”Health & Wealth Solutions” and one of the Lawyers (not an assistant) will schedule to answer your questions with a FREE consultation immediately.

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Personal Injury Lawyers That Work With Your Doctors:

Jeffery C. Metler *
1 (866) 427-1900

Bryan Larson
(801) 601-8323

The Advocates
(801) 355-5550

Personal Injury Lawyers.

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